Triumph restoration, MoT Work, UK

When your MoT test falls due you might like to bring us the car and have us arrange the test with our friendly local testing station. The MoT testers there see quite a few of our customers cars, so they are familiar with Classics such as Triumph cars.

We can check you car over first if required, arrange the test (free of charge except of course the test fee), carry out any necessary repairs should the car not pass and arrange re-testing ( subject to any re-testing fee imposed by the Ministry).



If you prefer to take the car for testing yourself and the subsequent repairs turn out to be a little more involved than you are happy to carry out yourself, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

MoT time needn`t be the source of dread it might be with the right kind of help available at the end of a phone line.



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